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I am learning how to DIY with absolutely ZERO experience. It feels scary and vulnerable to share this but also exhilarating and fun! After nearly a decade building businesses online both Michael and I have been craving a life off of our computers and being present in the “real” world. As our family grows and […]

Time to read: 5 minutes This past year has been filled with some of the hardest moments in my life. One after another, after another. There were many days I felt like it would never stop, and I wouldn’t be able to catch my breath. Work, family, health, finances, no matter the category it felt […]

Time to read: 7 minutes In August of 2022 we added a baby girl named Noa Chavanne to our family. For me, going from no children to one was filled with identity shifts, mourning a certain kind of freedom and an expanding of my capacity. Moving from one child to two has been a lot […]

Time to read: 10 minutes Before I became a mother anyone who knew me would describe me as hard working, someone with a high work capacity and very driven. I took pride in that description because my parents bragged about it, my friends tried to emulate it and some even envied me for it. Somewhere […]

Time to Read: 9 minutes When we were planning to start our family one thing that I really wanted to avoid was filling our house with all sorts of new “stuff” that we didn’t actually need. I had nightmares about walking into our house and seeing a tornado of toys, burp cloths and noise makers. […]

Michael and I were sitting at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin having a drink at their bar to kick off our date night – on this night Shai was with a babysitter. Date nights without a baby are sacred these days. The amount of time we have just the two of us has reduced dramatically […]

Time to read: 12 minutes Let me set the stage for you. It was a Saturday morning and we had some awesome plans later that day to hang out with our friends in the country and stay overnight. Michael had left for a wedding in Louisiana and planned to land in Austin just in time […]

Time to read: 7 minutes I was 6 months pregnant on a zoom call with co-workers talking about a date night that Michael had planned for us. One of the people on the call, already with a family of three, spoke up and half-jokingly said โ€œenjoy it now because when the baby gets here date […]

Time to read: 12 minutes If there is anything in my life that I am really proud of, it is my marriage to Michael. I didnโ€™t believe relationships like ours could exist – I thought that I would have to settle somewhere, that there would be unspoken tensions or that things would seem to be […]

Time to read: 12 minutes Talking about sex is taboo. Talking about sex postpartum seems to be even more controversial. With that being said, before I get into the nitty gritty of my own experience – because I love talking about sex – I want to make one thing very clear: sex/intimacy post partum is […]